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Mobile Marketing Tutorials

An introductory mobile marketing tutorial. This tutorial will give you a global knowledge about what is mobile marketing, different mobile marketing technics and some guidance to start your mobile marketing strategies.

PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, hybrids, televisions and more: touch-AND-mouse-enabled devices are coming. Come to this talk to learn how to make your site awesome on the growing number of touchscreen devices and to see what the future of the web holds for touch-based computing. You will learn how to future-proof your website for touchscreen laptops,Continue Reading ››

Hey there !  do you think mobile marketing is not for you… take a look at the main misconceptions about mobile marketing

What is FourSquare: Foursquare is a geolocation based social network that helps you to discover retail display centers or outlets. It has over 30 millions users. It allows users to notify their geographical location (using device GPS) timely on social networks. Foursquare can help you to increase traffic and generate desired sales for the business enterprisesContinue Reading ››

Google Maps is one of the most popular app in mobile devices. The business info listing into the new google maps will greatly help your potential customers to find your business with geolocation (GPS enabled mobile devices only).

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